The Witka Wood brand and Novo Wood Oy found a great common ground!

This created a completely new product line that includes Rock, Soul, and Swing models.

“Good cooperation comes from shared visions and goals. For us, those are top-quality products and timeless design following current trends,” said designer Ville Witka.

The collaboration between Novo Wood Oy and designer Ville Witka resulted in a highly acclaimed solid wood interior panel collection, carrying the Witka Wood brand name. Novo Wood also launched its first consumer products, which were entirely self-made, thanks to the collaboration. It was easy to find a common goal and vision from the beginning. Good trendy design and excellence in wood products go hand in hand.

The speed and positive feedback have surprised both partners. The product quickly found its way into the projects of both professionals as well as homeowners and decorators.

”Clearly, there was a market gap for such a high-quality and trendy collection,” says designer Ville Witka and continues. “The product’s massive structure and quality have been a clear selling point for us”.

Design from Finland

The collection has also received the “Design from Finland” certificate, as the design and manufacturing of the collection are entirely of Finnish origin. Except for oak and ash, the wood materials are also Finnish. In addition, every wood batch we use is of certified origin and meets the strict sustainability criteria. Responsibility and ecological values have been essential principles for both parties from the beginning.

The design of the collection progressed seamlessly and professionally from the outset by both parties. We wanted to find a strong and unique style for the products that would stand out from the more traditional offerings. Clear and rhythmic design is evident throughout the collection. It has been great to see the positive feedback we have received from the outset about the quality of the products and the beautiful design of the collection.

Novowood and solid wood interior panel in Habitare

The collection was presented in Finland at the Habitare fair in autumn 2022. In January 2023, it was exhibited at the Paris Design Week event and in the spring of the same year at the Milan Design Week event. The product has already been marketed and sold in Spain. The interest in Finnish design and woodworking skills seems to be very high on the world market.

Novowood and Witka Wood

“It’s been great to build the collection in collaboration with a partner whose commitment and efficiency in building a brand together is really ten out of ten. Good stories are created from shared goals and uncompromising high-quality work. It is a good starting point to continue developing the collection and opening new doors around the world for the product sales,” says Ville Witka.

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