Witka Wood doors

Witka Wood Massive – nothing less than a door reinvented!

Ville Witka began to be interested in the clt wood panel known from the frames of wooden prefabricated houses twenty years ago. The board made of cross-glued boards is not only solid but also dimensionally accurate and an easy material to work with. In addition, it is ecologically sustainable.

The properties of the Clt board gave Ville the idea of a completely new kind of solid wood interior doors. Pontime’s goal was to make a family of products from doors that look good and withstand the bumps of life without damage, suitable for the architecture and interior design of modern houses.

The structure of the interior of Witka Wood Massive doors enables completely new possibilities for door surface solutions. Although the door is technically excellent, it is the design possibilities that have inspired Ville Witka. For him, the door is a home decoration, not a building material.


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